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3 min readAug 23, 2023


Meta Merge Ambassador Program Plan

Attention Trainers, apply NOW to join the Meta Merge ambassador program and enjoy exclusive benefits!

Use the following application link:

Program Requirements:

The Meta Merge Ambassador Program is designed to engage enthusiastic individuals passionate about our project and willing to promote and represent Meta Merge across various platforms actively. Ambassadors are expected to undertake various activities to increase awareness and engagement with the project. Below are the requirements to become a Meta Merge Ambassador, and you can choose one of the following based on your personal preference:

  1. Content Creation: Ambassadors are required to create content related to Meta Merge. This includes writing articles (at least 1–2 articles per month), tweeting about the project (at least 1 tweet per week), and publishing articles on WeChat public accounts.
  2. Social Media Engagement: Ambassadors should contribute to social media platforms by sharing videos related to Meta Merge and its gameplay.
  3. Community Building: Ambassadors will create and manage Meta Merge gaming communities on different platforms. This involves forming teams to play the game together, fostering a positive and engaging environment for players, and sharing updates about the game.
  4. Emojis or Memes Creation: Ambassadors are encouraged to create Meta Merge-related emoticons, emojis, and memes that can be shared across different messaging platforms.
  5. Live Streaming: Ambassadors can host regular live gaming sessions or programs related to Meta Merge, showcasing gameplay, strategies, and engaging with the audience.
  6. Twitter Space and Interaction: Ambassadors are encouraged to utilize Twitter Spaces to discuss and introduce the project to a wider audience.

Meta Merge Ambassador Rewards:

Ambassadors will be rewarded with test MMM tokens based on their performance and contributions. Upon acceptance into the Ambassador Program, participants will receive an initial allocation of test MMM tokens. Further rewards will be distributed based on the quality and impact of their contributions.

Upon becoming an ambassador, individuals have two options:

  1. Receive 500,000 test MMM tokens, forfeiting eligibility for game leaderboards.
  2. Receive Meta Merge Pet Eggs as rewards and continue participating in game leaderboards. Decline the 500,000 test $MMM tokens.

Performance Assessment:

Regular performance assessments will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of each ambassador’s efforts. If the requirements are not consistently met, ambassadors will be given a friendly reminder and may see a reward reduction. If the situation does not improve, rewards might be suspended, and the ambassador may be removed from the program.


Ambassadors from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to join the program. Diversity enhances the program’s reach and impact.

We are excited to welcome dedicated individuals to the Meta Merge Ambassador Program and look forward to collectively growing and promoting the Meta Merge gaming experience.

About Meta Merge

Meta Merge (@MetaMerge_xyz) is a distinctive GameFi metaverse nurtured by Ultiverse (@UltiverseDAO), delivers ground-breaking gameplay and charming pets, thereby enriching the ecosystem of the BNB Chain.





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